GUTTERFIRE! - Release Their Fiery New Single "Eight"

Brisbane Based Hard Rock Aficionados GUTTERFIRE! are charging into 2021 with the release of their fiery new single ‘Eight’. Opening with a punchy and energetic riff underpinned by an upbeat rhythm and bass groove, this track gets your fist pumping in the air from the get-go staying true to the band’s signature sound.

‘Eight’ showcases a tasteful cross-section of desert, sludge, and hard rock genres with driving riffs, catchy choruses, and vocalist Photon Jon's vocals oozing with attitude and uniqueness. Bolstering this gutsy tune, the music video showcases the band’s fun-loving nature adding levity with the use of puppets whilst highlighting the power of inclusion.

Frontman Photon Jon explains “This song is straight-up about my more OCD leaning tendencies and a little bit about my autism and how those things affect the way you interact with people in a relationship when you’re scared that you’ll scare them off. It’s also a bop and came together in the blink of an eye in the studio."

GUTTERFIRE! on ‘Eight’ “Definitely one of our more fun rockier numbers, Eight is a short and punchy ride and was written specifically with this idea in mind, and we went straight into it with a rock tone. My favourite part of the track is the mid-section/solo. Mike wrote the rhythm for this part and it just takes the song into the stratosphere!"

"A great track for a single. It’s like an Eagles of Death Metal vibe but with our own twist. Just straight up rock and roll and right in the pocket, nothing overly fancy and that's exactly how it should be. I love playing this song because it's short, jaunty and packs a punch. Whenever I hear it played I can't help but bop my head along. It's teeming with pure energy and is a hell of a lot of fun!”

Describing themselves as 'Upbeat Doom' GUTTERFIRE! are an energetic fusion of Hard Rock, Punk, Modern Rock and Post Rock genres. Their singles such as ‘Jaws of The Universe’, 'For Hela' & ‘Quantum Bacterium’ have garnered the band national and international coverage and airplay as well as seen the band play sold-out shows with acts such as Electric Mary, Astrodeath, The Black Swamp & Dr Collosus. Now with the release of ‘Eight’ GUTTERIFRE! are taking the Australian Heavy Music scene by storm with their unique take on Alternative-Hard Rock that is sure to leave a lasting impression!