GODGIVEN - Drop New Single "Gerontocrap"

Hungarian Modern Metal outfit, Godgiven haver released a new single "Gerontocrap" along with the lyric video, taken from their upcoming album "Not That Godly".

About the album the band said the following:

The product is a 10 songs album called “Not that Godly”. As expected, it’s an honest, self-contained and raw material as speaking of the sound, the music or even the lyrics. There’s no editing or triggering, we’ve kept all the instruments natural to sound live. Aligned to the sound & music, the lyrics are the rough way as well. All the words are around the criticism of society and confronting all with the problems on the only level they can make actual changes: the individual’s aspect. Some statements might be hurtful, but at least they might reach the target this way. 
As planned, the album will be released on June 11th, 2021 while they drop a few singles of it beforehand.

Godgiven is a Budapest-based metal band from Hungary, formed in the mid-2010’s. The musical genre unites the 90’s-2000’s nu metal, groove&alternative metal and grunge influences, including the hardcore/punk roots from the band's early years. There's no intention to fit in any trends, it’s just four jerks playing a really instinctive, badass music with the original spirit of r’n’r. We’ve released 3 EP-s, 3 singles and had plenty of club tours and festival shows across Europe back in the day, then slowed down in the past 2 years to write and record our first full-length album.

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