GASSED UP - Release Huge Charity Raffle For The Ben Kinsella Trust To Help Fight Knife Crime

We’re incredibly excited to share with you the news that Preston Hardcore band, Gassed Up, have released a HUGE charity raffle to raise money for The Ben Kinsella Trust, continuing their fight against knife crime.

We’d be incredibly grateful if you were able to use your online platforms to raise awareness of this raffle to further the bands support to fight knife crime.

If you’d like to interview the band or feature them in your upcoming publications or online articles, please get in touch to further help our ambitions to raise awareness of knife crime and our fight against it. Please find graphics linked below, and the official press release attached to this email.

The band will be announcing the winners on Friday 28th May 6.00PM

Up for grabs is some exclusive Gassed Up Memorabilia, including the Gnostic State EP backdrop, used on the bands tours, a Gnostic State CD, Signed Drum Sticks used to record the bands latest single ’Section 20’ and a whopping 17 merchandise t-shirts from a variety of underground bands across the UK music scene. Artists involved include: God complex, AZAZEL, Starved, The Human Veil, Vendetta, Of Allies, Cannula, Decay, Stitched, Defeatist, Lenged out, Below The Neck, Gunned Down, Cut Short, and Glower!

Following the bands highly anticipated and successful release of ’Section 20’ (a reference to part of assault law that covers GBH), Gassed Up are using their platform to play their part in spreading an anti-knife crime message across the hardcore scene and beyond. The band have featured in brand new print magazine ‘HEARDBEAT’ Issue #2 to talk about the prevalent issue that persists across many urban communities throughout the UK.

You can read more about The Ben Kinsella Trust here: