GALLEONS - Share New Single "Playing With Fire Is Such A Cliché" From Upcoming Album

Australian/Russian post-hardcore quartet GALLEONS offers a new single 'Playing With Fire Is Such A Cliché', taken from their upcoming self-titled full-length album available worldwide on May 14th via Famined Records. 

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Modern post-hardcore infused with jazz, trap, pop, hip hop, and low-fi are what makes up the sound of the four-piece powerhouse. This new glance at Galleons' forthcoming record exhibits their signature blend of heavy, groovy, tasteful instrumentation with both harsh and melodic vocals. 'Playing With Fire Is Such A Cliché' is the perfect exemplary when looking for what to expect in the LP.

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'Galleons' Tracklisting:

1. Playing With Fire is Such a Cliché 
2. Youngblood (feat. Tobias Rische) 
3. That Ain't no Crown 
4. Hate the Player, Not the Game 
5. Let's Pretend (feat. Garret Rapp) 
6. I Travel East as Fievel Goes West Pt. 3 
7. Werewolf 
8. Better the Devil You Know (feat. Phil Bayer) 
9. When in Rome 10. Casablanca

Galleons are a progressive post-hardcore and mathcore band from Australia and Russia. The band consists of Australian vocalist Tom Byrne, Russian vocalist Sergey Rodionov, and Russian multi-instrumentalists Max Shepelev and Eugene Starshinov. The band has since independently released two EPs (2015-2017) and two full length albums (2018-2020).