GALLEONS - Drops Brand New Self-Titled Full Length Record

After a few years of showcasing and experimenting with their sound from their debut record 'Dream Machines' and it's predecessor 'Metropolis', Australian/Russian post-hardcore powerhouse GALLEONS have released their highly-anticipated self-titled third full length this May 14th via Famined Records.

Stream 'Galleons', the third studio album, on various music streaming platforms:

Keeping post-hardcore alive with their own progressive twist that isn't afraid to shock, Galleons introduce to us a more cohesive sound they have crafted in this new offering. The quartet does not shrink from their roots of mathcore, and indulges us in their signature infusion of jazzy smooth, soulful vocals combined with harsh uncleans, choppy breakdowns, and groovy, masterful instrumentation.

The LP also features several guest features with some of the scene's most respected vocalists Garret Rapp of The Color Morale, Tobias Rische of Novelists FR, and Phil Bayer, formerly of Time, The Valuator. There is a lot to unwrap in this brand-new record, and it is up to you to experience it.

Official Galleons merchandise are now available for pre-orders:

'Galleons' Tracklisting:

1. Playing With Fire is Such a Cliché 
2. Youngblood (feat. Tobias Rische) 
3. That Ain't no Crown 
4. Hate the Player, Not the Game 
5. Let's Pretend (feat. Garret Rapp) 
6. I Travel East as Fievel Goes West Pt. 3 
7. Werewolf 
8. Better the Devil You Know (feat. Phil Bayer) 
9. When in Rome 
10. Casablanca

Galleons are a progressive post-hardcore and mathcore band from Australia and Russia. The band consists of Australian vocalist Tom Byrne, Russian vocalist Sergey Rodionov, and Russian multi-instrumentalists Max Shepelev and Eugene Starshinov. The band has since independently released two EPs (2015-2017) and two full-length albums (2018-2020).