FATHER BEFORE ME - Announce Their Sophomore EP, "Ruby"!

Father Before Me kicks off their sophomore EP, Ruby, with four brand new anthemic tracks. Fans of the debut Emerald will immediately recognize FBM’s signature blend of catchy melodies, fast beats and intricate guitar work. Following Emerald, the new EP Ruby is faster, breathier, more explosive, and notably more mature. As always, savvy FBM listeners already know that each of these songs contain ample pop culture nods.

“Behind the Veil” is a true working class anthem. The story is universal - selling one's own mind and soul just to make enough to get by. Giving your all every day only to receive a tip of the hat in return. Father Before Me reminds us that “your mind’s not for auction, your soul’s not for sale.” Feeling under appreciated and taken advantage of, but your worth can’t be measured. The accompanying music video is an animated feat - a first for a Father Before Me video - exploding in colors and mind-bending imagery that bring the lyrics alive.

The EP takes a darker turn with the second number, “Trepidation.” Songwriter Elijah Catrone channeled his mental health experience into “Trepidation” by personifying his depression and anxiety as a monster from a horror movie.

“Until Lambs Become Lions” kicks off with a guitar shred reminiscent of a fire at the core of the EP’s namesake Ruby. The lead single, “Lambs” explodes with the high energy needed to face any challenge. Much like the city skyline from the cover art, life can also take the shape of a treacherous steep climb. But as the lyrics say, “the choice is ours alone” - keep climbing and you can face the impossible.

Closing out the EP, as if facing the aftermath of a city earlier destroyed, is “Under New Kingdoms.” The piece starts off with brooding lyrical imagery like a vision of smoke and red flowers and proceeds to showcase singer Catrone’s melodic vocals laid on top of a driving mix of half-time and double-time rhythms. Father Before Me closes out the EP by leaving the listener a tad bittersweet, but always hopeful.

The EP cover continues the collaboration between Father Before Me and Capstan Designs. The artwork suggests New York City under a chaotic fire, with words of negativity sprinkled throughout the buildings. Yet, looking closer, you see a small message of “Hope” written on the Statue of Liberty’s arm as she prepares herself for battling the odds.

The EP is self-released by independent artist Father Before Me. Songs were mixed and mastered by genre veterans Grant McFarland and Carson Slovak at Atrium Audio (August Burns Red, Carousel Kings). The animated music video was animated by Taylor Bowen of Hausriot Studios.

[ “This EP was a reflection of the climb and the tribulations I’ve faced in the last few years. It is a testament of survival in environments where you seem doomed to fail but still finding the power to persevere through even the darkest of times” - Elijah Catrone]