DROWN THIS CITY - Reveal Video For New Single "Carbon14"

Melbourne Metalcore risers Drown This City have released a new single and music video "Carbon14", taken from their new EP "Colours We Won't Know" that will be released tomorrow Friday, May 28 via UNFD. 

Drown This City's Alex Reade describes the band's 2021 EP as the ultimate purge of darkness. While their 2019 release Alpha // Survivor had been the proving ground for her strength and overcoming, "Colours We Won’t Know" finds the vocalist winding back the clock and standing face to face with the past torment she thought had been put to rest. “I think being in lockdown in Melbourne left us no choice but to face whatever we were running from, and that time drew every bit of honesty with myself out of me”, she says. “It was very confronting to feel such sadness in me again, but I worked through all of the disgust and shame I’d been suppressing, and we’ve written our saddest and bleakest songs to date because of it”.

Musically, DTC find themselves at their absolute heaviest and collaborating on themes and ideas as a band and team more than ever. With a freshly formed core writing group at play — comprising Reade (lyrics), guitarist Josh Renjen leading instrumentation and new bassist/vocalist and co-lyricist Toby Thomas — together the band push every boundary possible. Fuelled by references to metalcore, hardcore and other heavy sub-genres, "CWWK" offers dynamic instrumentation, stark lyrical imagery and elevated clean/unclean vocal delivery.

Thomas joined the DTC family just prior to the writing and recording of the release and listeners will find his particular influence over belters "Carbon14" and "Time Won’t Remember Us". On his debut project with Drown This City, he shares how he and Reade quickly formed a bond and drew from their similar experiences to bring the release to life.“Colours We Won’t Know is an exploration of cognitive distortions depicted from different perspectives and stories, ultimately derived from our experiences”, he says. “The songs discuss the results of trauma and mental illness, along with the effects this has on our own environments and those around us. It both embraces and challenges hope in the face of personal awareness and growth”.

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'Colours We Won't Know' Tracklisting:

1. Gemini 
2. Time Won't Remember Us 
3. Beyond The Glare 
4. Carbon14 
5. Borderline Existence 
6. New Burn Order