DROWN IN SULPHUR - Release New Single Video "Sulphur Cvlt"

Italian Blackened-Deathcore outfit, Drown In Sulphur have released a new single and music video "Sulphur Cvlt", taken from the debut album "Sulphur Cvlt" out October 22nd, 2021!

The band commented:

This single represents in a horror-science fiction and metaphorical key, the entire concept of the album: religions and their contribution in determining political forms aimed at hatred of the other. We are against the politics of oppression, the manipulation of the media and against dictatorial regimes of a political or religious nature. 

About the album the band said the following:

"SULPHUR CVLT revolves around a concept which sees as protagonists characteristics of demonic and non-demonic entities, present in the biblical universe and in the Lovecraftian one. Each demon has particular peculiarities, assimilable and traceable to those of other entities, and stands as the protagonist of each song in an overbearing and decisive way. The demon speaks to man and turns to him through an introspective reflection on the aspects that determine his being and his way of acting as an individual within the system and society. Several themes were touched upon, all dealt with in an interconnected relationship: from religion to politics, through war and the conception of good and evil."