CRAWLING MANIFEST - Stream New Album “Radical Absolution”

Crawling Manifest has been kicking around since 2014, however, after their last tour; they decided to go in a new direction musically. They ended up being reduced to a duo, but that has only made the fire burn hotter as evident with their new album “Radical Absolution”.

This change has been hugely satisfying for Andrew Gladu (vocals/bass/drums) and Trevor Layton (guitars) who are eager to show off their own style, a modern take on classic thrash metal. “Radical Absolution” was intended to be a four-song EP, but in the wake of Covid, morphed into a full eight-track album. Crawling Manifest explains it in their own words:

“The start of the album being an emotional instrumental build-up to the first track “Land of the Free”, and the last track “Onslaught” really reminds us of taking a deep breath, letting everything that’s been building up inside out, and then starting fresh. The singles we’ve been able to release so far, “World War III” and “Revolution” have been our most successful tracks to date, we are excited to hear what people think of the rest of the album!”

Crawling Manifest cites that their goal in writing music is to make their fans feel something and “Radical Absolution” delivers just that. This new album, really dug deep into a current event/political mindset, with almost all of the lyrics reflecting on the struggles of the everyday person in the world of 2020.

Loud powerful thrash with the old school themes of yelling about the government, “Radical Absolution” is a perfect grab for those interested in Power Trip, Testament, and Exodus.

The full album is now streaming over on Ghost Cult Magazine HERE.

The album releases officially on May 14, 2021 and will be available on, Spotify, Apple Music.

Lyric Video - World War III -

Track Listing:

1. Land of The Free (2:27) 
2. World War III (4:42) 
3. Nothing To Lose (6:11) 
4. Right To Refrain Silence (4:27) 
5. Radical Absolution (6:49) 
6. Blood Born (4:08) 
7. Revolution (4:08) 
8. Onslaught (5:00)