CLASHMUTE - Unleashes Video For The Indelible and Emotional Brand New Single “InVirtue"!

UK Melodic Metalcore quintet Clashmute unleashes the promotional cycle for the group’s brand new music chapter with the dynamic and personal "InVirtue" – the first single off the band’s upcoming EP – “Another Level”!. Drawing on a wide range of influences, Clashmute offers up an assortment of intricate, melodic metal lines that, however, don’t lack raw energy and aggression at any point, whilst continuing to tread closer to the melodic end of the metalcore spectrum. The bright and noticeable instrumentation, amid the barrage of the diversified vocal lines, support the idea that with "InVirtue" the members of the band share their respective talents to create and share meaningful missives, while being capable of establishing a formula that separates them from their peers and has allowed them to avoid the pitfalls many others have fallen into – in being unable to establish a sound of their own.

Further clarifying the nature and the essence of "InVirtue", Clashmute collectively explains: This song is about internal struggle within yourself and combating the daily negative thoughts that build in your head and try to break you down. It works in a manner that starts quite frantic and will then slow down before hitting you in the face again much like the cycle of depression, where one minute you can be seemingly fine then the next you are stuck in a pit of self doubt and worth.It tackles the very darkest side of mental health in giving into those voices within your own head and being unclear in what to believe which can lead to suicidal/dark thoughts, and a sense of detachment and not fitting in with the social contracts of the society we live in these days. The video also represents how depression can consume you and gets messier as time goes on and more unclear, it's so obviously painted all over us but it is so common in today's world that sometimes we struggle to see what is right in front of us and in extreme circumstances by the time we realize it is to late. It's a major problem and is something the band have always wanted to shed a light on and have taken part in many fundraisers for the cause."