CENTURIES - Release New Single Video "Godless"

UK Metalcore outfit, Centuries have released a new single and music video "Godless".

London's CENTURIES release 'Godless'; an onslaught on the senses. The single is the first of forthcoming new music produced by George Lever, known for his work with Sleep Token, Loathe and Holding Absence.

"Godless dissects the very concept of religion and its impact on human behaviour", says Dan (vocals). "Religion has a lot to answer for but so does man. More importantly, if there is such a thing as a god, they must take responsibility also. World religions have power, money and control. Religion has dictated global actions, dominated law-making, triggered war and covered for its lies and deceit. It has led to division, indoctrination and justification of heinous behaviour, segregation and hatred."

Nathan (guitar & vocals) added, "For the past two years we have been working closely with record producer George Lever to cultivate ideas and hone the progression of our sound. While developing a refreshing writing style to break the boundaries of the band’s genre, George captured the best of each member and really pushed our abilities. We have strived to produce material ignoring peers and create a body of work devoid of timestamps and trends."