BISON - Stream New "Perfect Mistakes" EP

BISON were among the kings of the ‘first-wave’ of nu-metal in Australia and they have returned to finish what they started. Their brand new release 'Perfect Mistakes' rounds off the record they never released back in the day. With the help of Sam Bassal from Ocean Grove in the producer's role, they've finally dropped their record - out today at!

The Soundcheck said of the EP, "Bison are no ordinary band, and the formidable spirit of old has permeated and expanded into something truly special as the band reshape themselves in this exciting and unexpected chapter. Perfect Mistakes flawlessly captures lessons learned from separation, death, addiction and life's highs and lows, teeming with a unique exuberance that could only come from a band hungry enough to pursue their creative passions against all the odds."

Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life expressed love for the EP, saying "It’s heavy, it’s groovy and it’s catchy. What more could you ask for?"

Russian Instagram page @rapcore_music_4_life rated it highly, boasting that "The old school nu metal style has a new sound 🔥 Bison are back and it's an absolute blast! "

UK website Freak Magazine proclaim that "With a boisterous energy within the Rage Against The Machine family fused with Linkin Park components, the schematics work well. The resurgence of nu-metal is well on the rise and Bison claim a rightful place among the ranks."

Bison toured and shared stages with the likes of Hed (pe) (USA), Hoobastank (USA), The White Stripes (USA), COG, Karnivool, Sunk Loto, Grinspoon, Superheist, The Butterfly Effect and 28 Days, and playing festivals like Vans Warped and the Australian X-Games at Homebush Stadium.

BISON formed in Melbourne, Australia in 1997 when drummer Eddie and former guitarist Calksi recruited bassist Amos and vocalist Brens. BISON quickly established itself within the Melbourne heavy music scene, bringing high energy shows & Rap/Rock tunes with wide appeal to the all-ages, festival and pub/club circuit.

Thematically, the new EP ‘Perfect Mistakes’ explores the lessons learned from separation, death, addiction, the pressures of life & all that comes with experience. Listeners can really connect with these new tunes.

Bison's EP Perfect Mistakes is out today, Friday, May 28th at!