BEHIND THE HORROR - Release SEPULTURA Cover "Territory"

Brazilian-American thrash/death metal band Behind The Horror pay homage to Brazilian thrash legends Sepultura with their blistering rendition of thrash classic "Territory". Needless to say, Sepultura has been a major Influence in Behind The Horror's style and can be heard throughout their own writing extensively.

Behind The Horror from New Jersey are concentrated metal power with an uncompromising sound. The formation was founded by the two brothers Gabriel (guitar) and Lucas (drums) Alves, they laid the foundation for their uncompromising Death 'N Thrash spectacle in 2013 which later became Behind The Horror. Behind The Horror delivered a direct hit with the extended player Burn This Truth with original and own material most recently with the drum video for Resident Evil and the cover version of Nightwish's Wish I Had An Angel, the final proof of their musical versatility and that they can not only convince with their own material, but also lose nothing of their sovereignty with their own interpretations of legendary metal tracks.

The reinterpretation of Territory ( Sepultura ) is once again a testament to the musical ability of the two Alves brothers! With musical and uncompromising roughness, Behind The Horror pay tribute to their role models from Sepultura and do it in a sensible and appealing way. Sometimes covers have a reputation for looking like soulless copies of the original, but Territory ( cover ) of Behind The Horror doesn't. Precise and quick drums drive Gabriel Alves' guitar playing solid and with variation, although he is also fluent when playing his guitar and does honor to Territory on both an instrumental and a vocal level. Regarding composing skills, there is nothing to be said here, as is the case with cover versions, But Behind The Horror definitely pay a great tribute to the original with their musical and vocal skills!