TRUESHOT - Emmure's Josh Miller Drums on New Single "Deadbeat Lullaby"

New Hampshire Metalcore trio TrueShot has shared a new music video for their latest single "Deadbeat Lullaby." The track features Josh Miller (Emmure, Darko Us) on drums and was produced by Matt Thomas (Kingdom of Giants).

“Deadbeat Lullaby” is a poignant, straight-forward message written for vocalist Richard Janvrin’s father. When Richard was 10, his dad abandoned his parental duty for a romantic relationship.

"As time has gone on, there has been forgiveness, but not forgetfulness," says Janvrin. "The relationship between he and I (and my brother and him) has and will never be the same, but I've learned to accept it."

The jarring, aggressive music video for "Deadbeat Lullaby" comes with an epilepsy disclaimer, as the quick images and flashing lights may cause discomfort. Viewer discretion is advised.

In the era of an ever-shortening attention span, TrueShot know that content is king. On the band's YouTube channel, they release reaction/review videos which have garnered response from Ronnie Radke, Jake Luhrs, Jamie Hails, and many other prominent figures in the metal scene.

The band also produces their own podcast called The TrueShot Guest Spotwhere they have interviewed guests such as Frankie Palmeri, Nik Nocturnal, Andrew Baena, and more.

Listen to the single "Deadbeat Lullaby" now on Spotify.