TO THE GRAVE - Stream New Album "Epilogue", Release Lyric Video "Kill Shelter"

Australian Deathcore outfit, TO THE GRAVE is streaming below their new album "Epilogue". The band also released a lyric video for "Kill Shelter". 

Get the album:


1. Holocaustralia: Global Warning (feat. Nic Webb of Alchemy) 
2. Ecocide (feat. Jerry Chard of Vengeance) 
3. Pest Control (feat. Daniel Macdonald of Wormtongue) 
4. Hell Hole (feat. Nick Adams of Justice For The Damned) 
5. Slaughter Forever (feat. Blake Curby of Teeth) 
6. Gristle Blower 
7. The Devil In Sheepskin (feat. Bailey Schembri of Iconoclast) 
8. Wastage (feat. Taylor Barber of Left to Suffer) 
9. Skin Like Pigs (feat. Rheese Peters of Babirusa) 
10. Lips & Assholes 
11. Seven Billion Reasons Why (feat. Alex Hill of ÂME NOIRE) 
12. Hear Evil, See Evil (The Haunting Of 2624 Dog Trap Rd) 13. Miserable Summer 14. [•REC] 15. Terrorist Threat 16. Kill Shelter 17. Death By A Thousand Cuts 18. Recoil In Horror (活き締め) 19. The Ghost Of You (MCR cover)