THE PAULINE PRINCIPLE - Presents "Pauline Principle", A Devastating New Single!

Pauline Principle is The Pauline Principle's newest single and, oh boy... you are up for a wild ride with this absolute banger!

Right from the beginning you know it is going to be good when you hear that first guitar riff, with a melodic yet slightly wicked sound to it. This trend continues throughout the whole of Pauline Principle, developing into a full-blown Metalcore hit. The vocals enter the scene along a smashing breakdown that will make you want to break your neck to it, and the energy it transmits is just astounding! Want it or not, you will be moving along the fast paced tempo of the single, humming the guitar riffs, headbanging to the demolishing drum track and feeling how the vocals give you goosebumps.

The production is just sublime. It is professional, clean, mixed with impressive mastery and surgical precission. The Pauline Principle deliver in what they aim to achieve, and they still have to spare. You can tell every instrument track apart from the rest, but they all feel perfectly integrated in Pauline Principle, something many bands fail to achieve. The guitar's distortion seems to have been handcrafted for The Pauline Principle, as it feels so natural and fitting one could think you could find a "The Pauline Principle" guitar effect in Cubase/FL Studio, damn! The drumming is executed with such a mastery it showcases just great the drummer's prowess with the instrument. The vocal technique is perfect and instantly makes it known that we are listening to a Metalcore banger, and the vocalist shines both with gutturals and clean voices, making use of different vocal tracks to add depth to the single. The only thing one could ask more of is the bass line. Do not get me wrong, the bass f_ing slaps, and it feels so good being able to tell it apart from the rest of instruments that it makes you wish it was even beefier!

Make yourself a favor and take a good listen to The Pauline Principle's Pauline Principle.

Stream it on Spotify or below!

The Pauline Principle formed during the severe COVID-19 pandemic as an online collaboration of four musicians from three continents (Russia, Germany, USA) with one passion: straightforward metalcore.

Their debut single „Broken And Prone“ was released in Dec 2020. They aim at high quality production by working with Christoph Wieczorek from Annisokay at Sawdust Recordings studio and the Brazilian artist TheMakarius who created their entire corporate design in terms of artwork and animation design.