THE DAY OF THE BEAST - Share New Single “Disturbing Roars at Twilight”, Sign With Prosthetic Records

Virginia-based Death/Thrash Metal outfit, THE DAY OF THE BEAST have released a new single "“Disturbing Roars at Twilight”.

The band also announced that they have signed with Prosthetic Records.

Dripping with pure aggression and channelling evil through all inputs, Indisputably Carnivorous is the soundtrack to every raging nightmare brought to life. Shining a light on the darkest, filthiest corners of the human psyche by way of apocalyptic, horror-inspired storytelling - THE DAY OF THE BEAST have created a monster. Each track revolves around its own specific tale or theme, with inspiration coming from the likes of Clive Barker, Bram Stoker, and Lovecraft. The album name is taken from the Graham Masterson novel The Wells of Hell, and the title track is primarily based on that book.