ST. AURORA - Reveal New Single "Rejects Of Society"

Helsinki, Finland, based Alternative Rock band, ST. AURORA have released a new single "Rejects Of Society".

Bassist Ero Lamberg reveals how the new single has born: 

“I originally composed a nice guitar trick for this, but it took shape, like this kind of monster, during last spring. I fought with my girlfriend during the Corona virus, in our then 20-square-foot studio, and suddenly the song had a bassline. Our guitarist Ode (Oscar Mäkinen) finished the song and voilà! I also listened a lot to Pantera, Avenged Sevenfold and Falling In Reverse in that period, which could have influenced the process. ”

The song was written by singer Nile, who was just waiting for the perfect occasion to appear - as he had the lyrics in mind for a very long time:

“ ‘Rejects Of Society’ was the first song of our upcoming EP I started to work on. I knew right after I joined this band, that I was going to write a track specifically on this subject. With this one, I’m trying to say that, if someone wants to throw some shit at you, take it and use it as a cape.

St. Aurora will release their debut EP “They All Remember” on May 28th. Before that, one more single is expected to be released.

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