REBIRTH - Release New Single "Devotion"

Rebirth released the lyric video for "Devotion", the first single from the upcoming EP "STORM".

The new EP, which sees the band return to the scene after a long absence, is not a real concept album but finds its common thread in the storm of emotions triggered by a separation, be it from a person, a place or faith .

The cover of the EP, designed by the french digital artist Pierre-Alain D. fully expresses a personal emotional torment, the memory of the serenity that preceded the breakup as well as the euphoria felt for the unexpected prospect of a new beginning, put in scene with elements of nature.

Martina Russo, a dramatic lyric soprano with a classical repertoire ranging from Mozart to Verdi and Puccini, joined the historical line-up of the band. "Martina not only immediately understood the artistic direction the band was following but she proved that she was the person the band had always needed." Fabio Granata, Rebirth keyboardist, says, adding: “From the first rehearsals we all had the feeling that she was always part of the group, musically and humanly. We are all fully satisfied with every single track of the EP and we can't wait to be able to share these 19 minutes of Symphonic Metal with the world ”.


1. Enter the storm 
2. Devotion 
3. Blessing in disguise 
4. The sinners 
5. Lost

It is already possible to listen to an extract of the tracks at the link

The album will be made available for listening and purchasing in digital format starting May 7th, 2021 on all major digital platforms.