PURGATORY - Release Dark Sophomore Album "Lawless To Grave"

The Midwest hardcore crew, Purgatory, unleashed their sophomore album Lawless To Grave today through Unbeaten Records. Recorded in only four days at Landmine Studios with Len Carmichael, the band’s new effort is their most immersive and darkest release to date. Stream the album here and order it here.

Delving into the collective experience of their members, Purgatory offers the listener an unfiltered look into the darkness and futility of life in middle-American. Personal betrayal, encounters with the justice system, a country run by racist, corrupt politicians, and experiences with abusive, religious, and addicted family members all lead to the bleak conclusions found on the album. Purgatory takes a deep dive into the constant war of everyday life, the compounding stressors that bring people to a knife’s edge, and capture the anxiety and grit of simply getting by in their crushing swing at the world, Lawless To Grave.

WATCH: "Loyalty Denied" music video below! 


1. Stack 'Em Up 
2. Grave Of Sorrow 
3. JCA 4. Can't Stop Our Reign 
5. No One Gets Out Alive 
6. Chains of Wicked Men 
7. Disease 
8. Clarity 
9. Loyalty Denied 
10. Thorn Of Life 
11. Lawless To Grave