PALE SKY - Recall The Glory Days of Trustkill Records With New Single "Oceania"

Recalling the glory days of Trustkill Records, Victory Records and Rise Records; Canada's Pale Sky enters the heavy music fray as a duo that is much more than the sum of their parts. Channeling bands like Eighteen Visions, Veil of Maya, Winds of Plague and Deftones, the band's latest single "Oceania" is an exploration of the grey areas between metalcore, melodic hardcore and metallic hardcore, with plenty of visceral riffs and anguished vocals punctuated by moments of beautiful clarity. Vocalist Quinn McGraw transitions seamlessly between styles that are both harsh and deeply melodic, with multi-instrumentalist Ben Davis providing a lush backdrop of heavy but nuanced riffs.

"'Oceania' is a song that points its crosshairs at the world elite, and their failure to prioritize the betterment of society over their fetishized addiction to the illusion of limitless growth. Due to their careless selfishness we are witnessing firsthand the long-anticipated fracture of society." explains McGraw. "Dominator culture and political pandering play hand-in-hand as we are kept at bay by worthless symbolic change; all the while being led further beyond the point of no return. Our species has the ability to be so much more than bullishly reduced to a plague of locusts consuming the earth. We hope that by normalizing these topics of conversation we will all work to unify, and collectively channel our energy into fighting back against society’s true threat: the ones who own the world."

Expect more menacing tunes from Pale Sky throughout the year.