NOTHING NOBLE - Present Groovy Second Single "Eternal Change"

Copenhagen-based progressive metalcore outfit NOTHING NOBLE provide neck-breaking, bouncy grooves that grow ever heavier and darker with every frustrated yell and growl from the gut of vocalist Cornelius Qvist. Following up on their first single 'Bond of Blood' which featured Brendan Murphy of COUNTERPARTS/END, they now present their energetic second single 'Eternal Change' - watch the music video above.

“High-energy and high-strung, our second single will bang its grooves into your skull like a sledgehammer on a rusty nail. The melodic chorus, accompanied by tonal screams and soaring lead lines, offer some solace among the hard-hitting rhythm work before we finish off strong with a frantic crescendo and violent double-bass action, that will surely move even the most reluctant listener", the band muses.

The coming sophomore album ‘Modern Dismay’, which has been produced, mixed and mastered by Chris Kreutzfeldt (CABAL, MØL, Ghost Iris), is an exhibition of excessively groovy and deliciously dissonant, disgusting riffs and catchy choruses, added guest performances by prominent vocalists from the international metal scene (COUNTERPARTS/END, MØL, a.o.).

‘Eternal Change’ is already available on all streaming services.