KRAVE - Alt-Metal Rising Stars Release Their Powerfully Dynamic Debut EP "Self Exposure"

Brisbane-based Alt-Metal trio KRAVE just dropped their hard-hitting debut EP 'Self Exposure’. This bold release showcases the band's genre transfiguring musicianship, full of explosive energy seamlessly interweaving Progressive, Grunge, Metal & Heavy Rock. Incorporating influences such as CKY, Tool & Pantera, 'Self Exposure' demonstrates a band that is confident in their signature sound with irresistible grooves, tastefully curated riffs, and Siana Davis's powerhouse Halestorm-esque vocals.

Vocalist Siana Davis on writing and recording their debut EP "When writing our EP 'Self Exposure', each member put a lot of thought and emotion into crafting their parts. As I wrote the lyrics for this EP, I reflected on different parts of my own trauma and channeled out some powerful experiences about personal struggles and the people that I knew who were fighting a similar fight. I encrypted the lyrics with symbolism and literalism to create a poetic way of touching on themes of mental health, anger, loneliness, addiction and self-infliction. Every song was layered rhythmically and melodically, becoming the bone structure to every songs' unique way of being. We worked and reworked songs until we all ended up with goosebumps, that's when you know as a team you have done a great job"

Recording 'Self Exposure' was an awesome experience for everyone since it was the first time we ever recorded songs together and it was very exciting. The recordings were done at Airlock Studios and Lush Studios, however, our process still remained the same. We would live track an example, and then drums would be worked on for most of the day. Usually the next day we would record bass, rhythm guitar, lead guitar and dual vocals then comp all the best takes to get mixed and mastered. We all learnt so much about the recording process as a team, and we all made sure to keep everyone's spirit up by encouraging and giving out good luck pats. Each member bonded with one another and there were big smiles on everyone's faces the whole time"

Coming off successful singles such as 'Purgatory' and 'Walk of Atonement' and now with the release of their debut EP 'Self Exposure' KRAVE are showing absolutely no signs of slowing down in 2021!

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