JAX DIARIES - Announce The New Album "Riverside Motel" Out On May 14th!

After the release of the first two single "Came Down To Say Hi" (with Diego Cavallotti - Lacuna Coil as guest) and "Fury Roads (Boom Boom)", alt-rock act Jax Diaries is proud to announce the release of their new album "Riverside Motel", set to release on May 14th. Produced by Kane Churko (Five Finger Death Punch, Papa Roach...), the album was recorded at Heavy Tones Recordings Studio in Turin, Italy.

The band says: "We found ourselves writing this album in strange circumstances, we’ve been through a world pandemic fighting through recovery after Jax motorbike accident but we never ceased to breathe that strange energy in the air every single day, like something was aligning perfectly for us. For our future selves 'Ruthlessly realistic' it’s what this album is going to be. That’s that. We can’t wait to show you what we have in store for you!".

"Riverside Motel" will be available in digital and physical edition, in this case with a visual/graphic concept done by Milana Zari.

Last but not least, Jax Diaries are finalist of the famous Berlin Music Video Awards, with their video for "Everybody (Jd's Back)", in Best Song Cover category.

"Riverside Motel" Artwork and track listing:

01. Riverside Motel 
02. Breakfast At 3p.m. 
03. Nowhere 
04. When I Turn I See The Future 
05. Disconnected 
06. Empty Pages
07. Fury Roads (Boom Boom) 
08. Sad Eyes (The November Man) 
09. San Francisco 
10. Came Down To Say Hi (Feat. Diego DD Lacuna Coil) 
11. Caliber .22 
12. Wildfire 
13. Miracle

JAX DIARIES is an Alternative Rock band born in summer 2019 from the minds of Jaxon and his brother Andrew. The two were part of a Metalcore band called CRY EXCESS who performed around the world supporting artists like PAPA ROACH, KORN and WALLS OF JERICHO among others. As the brothers sound evolved and they found their footing in the alternative/heavy rock scene, they recruited Andrew and Frankie and formed JAX DIARIES. The newly minted band found near immediate success in 2019 with their debut single "Shine On". That success was nearly the beginning and end of things as later that year Jax was nearly killed in a motorcycle accident. He persevered from the hospital bed and continued writing new music with bandmates during daily visits. On the mend and back in the studio, JAX DIARIES recorded their first full length album in March 2020, with the first new song, "Came Down To Say Hi" providing fans a taste of what's to come. A year after it was wrapped, the band will release the record in May 2021 and will kickoff a worldwide tour soon after.