HURANOVA - Present New Single "Loss Of Me"

Italian Alternative Metal outfit, Huranova have released a new single "Loss Of Me".

HURANOVA is an Italian Alternative Metal band from Piacenza, formed in 2017. The name of the band is the fusion of two words, Uranus, the Greek God of the sky, and Supernova: thus, the name encloses two elements, the vastness of the sky (Uranus) and the energy sprung from a star explosion (Supernova). One of the most peculiar features of the band is the precision in their songwriting, since they focus in detail both in the instrumental and the lyrical sections in a direct, yet never common, way. On May 2018, they recorded their first tracks, publishing their first single “GO WITH THE DEVIL”, and, in October 2018, they published their second single “MORAL PRESSURE”; every single is available on all the main digital stores and the official videos can be found on YouTube. On October 25th, 2019, the band released their first album “ALLOWED TO DEMAND ALOUD”, a 10 tracks long album about current topics which are dear to the band. The album was recorded at RecLab Studios by Larsen Premoli. A few weeks later, the album was presented at a live release party, which was prepared in detail, from the lights geometry to a mise-en-scene of the official videos, performed live by some actors. The event achieved great success, boasting a passionate audience in front of the stage. At the moment, the band is working on new coming up songs, characterized by a reinterpretation of the sound and more...