GRAVITY MACHINE - Release Video For New Single "She's Calling Me Home"

Gravity Machine release their new ‘powerful, subtle and driving song’ She’s Calling Me Home from their current album “Red”.

“She’s Calling me home is a song about journeys - journeys of discovery; of coming home; of feeling that call….This song was the only song to emerge whole and complete in the first moment of its writing- I’ve not edited the lyrics - they’re raw, felt and whole. I felt to change them would change the integrity of the song.” said Niall.

Gravity Machine are three members - multi-instrumentalist Niall Parker, drummer Bob Shoesmith and guitarist/vocalist Harry Duns - between them, they combine a huge range of influences, with the cornerstones of heavy rock, progressive rock, electronica and acoustic styles all adding to the band’s distinctive sound.

Losing his wife to cancer in 2016 and taking inspiration from Neil Peart’s “Ghost Rider” book (detailing the Rush drummer’s journey through grief), Niall wrote a large canon of material following this - "Creativity seems the best response to events like that - I'd pretty much stopped playing prior to this...but the songs emerged, one-by-one, each one adding it's weight to their collective demand to be heard" Niall said.

Recognising that the wide ranges of genres and influences that the material covered required outstanding production expertise, Niall contacted Dartmoor-based producer Pete Miles (Martin Grech, Bring Me The Horizon, Canterbury, Architects) at Middle Farm Studios; who after hearing the demos offered to produce the album in a series of sessions spanning 2018 and 2019.

Performed primarily by multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Niall Parker, the resulting album features drums from Bob Shoesmith, contributions from Pete Miles, vocalist Kat Marsh (Bring Me The Horizon, Choir Noir, We Are The Ocean) and bassist/engineer Chris Edney and Niall’s daughters.

Gravity Machine released two initial singles - "Dreamtime" and "It's Summer" before releasing the album in March 2020 on their own Zyse Records imprint.

A third single, "Lifting Mountains" followed in August 2020, to considerable critical acclaim and considerable airplay; the specially remixed fourth single "Standing Stones" was released in October 2020.

 The follow-up to "Red" is already in the writing stage, and pre-production starts in 2020. The band are hoping to play live shows once venues are back open.