GOOD FOR A GIRL - Lisa Garelick Of Rise Records In The New Podcast of SPIRITBOX Courtney LaPlante (VIDEO)

Courtney LaPlante, frontwoman of Progressive Metal outfit, Spiritbox has started her new podcast "Good Gor A Girl". In her fifth episode, Courtney speaks to Lisa Garelick - Senior Product Manager at Rise Records. 

During this episode they discuss Lisa’s relationship with Spiritbox, the core ethical principles and strategy at Rise Records, how Lisa started her career at 15 booking Ska shows, progressing to booking punk tours across the US at 17, Lisa’s DIY booking process, studying Digital Marketing and PR in New York, how Lisa started her own record label from her Brooklyn bedroom, challenging the issue of tokenism in the music industry, drawing inspiration from seeing female bands perform at the Warped Tour, the MeToo movement, Kittie’s career-spanning documentary ‘Origins/Evolutions’ overcoming obstacles as a woman working in music management, advice for up and coming bands, why Lisa’s mantra has always been ‘Start Today’, and more.