FRAGMENTS - Release New Video "In The Name Of..."


Metalcore act Fragments hailing from Manila, Philippines have been showcasing their signature gritty and melodic style of modern metal in their past 4 singles released for the past two years. Today, the band is proudly presenting their new music video "In The Name of...", taken from the debut album "Transcending Duality", now available worldwide in different music streaming platforms: 

Written and produced by the band themselves, ‘Transcending Duality’ is the band’s offering to the heavy scene with themes circulating social and political injustices that are happening in the world.

“The album name Transcending Duality to us means realizing that God and the devil are the same entity; that they are within you and you are beyond both of them. Our lyrics derive inspiration from humanity’s foolishness, errors, religious beliefs, and ego.” - Fragments

‘Transcending Duality’ Track Listing: 

1. Chernobyl 
2. Life Sentence 
3. Heaven’s Gate (feat. Kento Koshikawa of Foad) 
4. Plagues (feat. Gerd Zimmerman) 
5. Meathook 
6. In The Name Of... 
7. Death Before Dishonor