DISILLUSIONIST - Announces Debut EP Love & Anxiety + Drop "Sleeper" Video Featuring Victor Kaas of EYES

Danish post-hardcore trio DISILLUSIONIST is proud to announce the impending release of their debut EP Love & Anxiety, due out May 1 via Over The Under Records.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by the band's Frederik Brandt Jakobsen at Hikikomori Studio in Copenhagen, Love & Anxiety propels the evolution of screamo and post-hardcore with a furor of expression and catharsis.

The EP finds itself conceptually amidst a love story of two kids, navigating through life's absurdity with varying dysfunctional states of mind. Depression, dysphoria, and suicide are all heavy themes tackled by Love & Anxiety.

"Sleeper" finds the band—known as the Narrator—in emotional shock, questioning his relationship with his girlfriend Hope, right before her untimely suicide.

Light up the darkness that I'm in Drowned in this emptiness that surrounds me

"'Sleeper' marks the newly refined sound of the band with its melodic guitar riffs, catchy chorus, and heavy breakdown," says Jakobsen. "We were really lucky to get Victor Kaas from EYES onboard as a feature and that added an excellent final touch to the songs. Right now, we are really excited to get it out and hear people's reactions!"

Formed in 2018, DISILLUSIONIST is a three-piece melodic hardcore band from Copenhagen, Denmark, consisting of drummer Sara Gacic (Ivy Crown), guitarist Jakob Høy, and vocalist Frederik Brandt Jakobsen.

What started as a solo endeavor for Jakobsen has morphed into an emotive and charismatic throwback to the sounds of the early 2000s, and this EP is proof that the scene never really went away.

Pre-order: https://overtheunderrecords.com/collections/disillusionist

Love & Anxiety Track List: 

1. Sleeper (ft. Victor Kaas of EYES) 
2. Shibuya 
3. Dysphoria 
4. Resented 
5. Seclusion 
6. Funeral Plans