DEAD WORLD RECLAMATION - Share New Single "Embrace The Hive"

Melodic Death Metal outfit, DEAD WORLD RECLAMATION have released a new single "Embrace The Hive", taken from the new upcoming album "Aura of Iniquity", set for release on Friday, April 23rd.

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Dead World Reclamation - Aura of Iniquity Tracklist 

1. Ripped From The Grave 
2. Embrace The Hive 
3. The Everlasting Hunt 
4. Pantheon of Shadows 
5. Heralds of the Formless One 
6. Arachnocratic Assemblage 
7. Whispers of the Evergloom 
8. The Void Bargain 
9. Those Born of Suffering 
10. Plaguemaster’s Legacy