CROWS AS SHEPHERDS - Reveal Video For New Single "Tatemae"

Alternative Metal outfit, CROWS AS SHEPHERDS have released a new single and music video "Tatemae".

In this single, a Japanese social phenomenon called "Tatemae" (translated as "facade") is exposed, which is based on showing a good face, sympathy, good words and good manners, regardless of the real opinion of the person themself.

It goes deeper and goes beyond what we here know as "being a fake person." In general terms, it is a criticism of the superficiality of today's society.

In the music video, various everyday situations are shown in which, for social convenience, this phenomenon occurs frequently, such as being tied to a job that you are not passionate about, the social gatherings we attend to "look good" or construction of a false image on social networks to please and impress people who, deep down, do not even matter to us. In addition, the makeup represents the marks and scars that the "Tatemae" leaves on our personality.

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