CATHARTIC DEMISE - New Album "In Absence" Out Now and Streaming!

Progressive Death/Thrash Metal quartet CATHARTIC DEMISE have released new album In Absence. Purchase/stream the album at:

In comparison to the band's self-titled EP, In Absence still consists of the Melo/Prog/Death Thrash Metal elements, but with a more "mature" approach. The overall musicianship within the band improved, as well as the overall songwriting capabilities. In Absence features the same aggression as the self-titled EP, but brings an intense atmosphere with extreme tempos, and brisk riffs. This release heavily carries on the epic melodic sections heard previously, and even going further with more complex song structuring and longer tracks. Aside from the aggressive side of things, hints of experimentation can be heard, showing slower sections, and clean parts as well.

Track Listing

1. With Lust 
2. For Power 
3. Blade in the Dark 
4. Silence Within 
5. Pale Imitations 
6. Disparity 
7. In Absence 
8. Waves 
9. Desire