BULLET TO THE HEART - Release New Video "Birth Of A Tragedy"

Female-fronted alternative metal quartet Bullet To The Heart is back - after the band's previous and critically acclaimed, atmospheric "Falling Away" - with a brand new video for the group's impassioned and poignant new single - "Birth Of A Tragedy"! Rolling along with lush production, slick beats and showcasing the band’s electronically conscious side, "Birth Of A Tragedy" is an innovative musical statement, as the lyricism in conjunction with the gorgeous, provided vocals evolve into a rich piece of music with exhilarating strings and a grandiose climax. Developing a clear example of Bullet To The Heart's ability to achieve a great balance between the different elements utilized throughout the song and creating an incredible flow in the track, while the symphonic parts add depth and texture, this single is a great representation of the group’s talent to perform huge, arena rock influenced, powerful, poignant choruses with a very climactic feel, with the deep, rigged guitar riffs underneath just enhancing it, all meld into a cohesive whole, including the nature of the video, which aims to present the original, energetic essence of this track.

Discussing the meaning and the influence behind "Birth Of A Tragedy", Bullet To The Heart adds: "This is the continuation of our song "Breathe", which presents the motion of trying to move on from the loss of someone you've loved and learning how to live without them. The video shows someone trying to transcend past their earthly form to reach the highest version of themself, while trying to battle societal standards, such as the two women in the video. It calls back to our previous video "Falling Away", where the Queen reached her crown and is now trying to move beyond. Always at a constant struggle to either stay put in set ways or move on to search for ones true self".