BLUE EYED GIANTS - Share Emotive New Single "Restless"

Brighton alternative rockers BLUE EYED GIANTS took a break from their usual energetic, bouncy anthems and went for a much more sentimental approach to let us in on their vulnerable side with their new single 'Restless', released via Famined Records.


Combining powerful, melodic vocals with heart-pounding, masterful instrumentation, 'Restless' was written about a partner coping with a tragic loss of a loved one. The lyrics reflect on not being able to physically be there to comfort them due to the long distance relationship; something that will resonate with a lot of us while being in a pandemic.

Blue Eyed Giants' music amalgamates a plethora of rock sub-genres. Equipped with crushing breakdowns and rhythmic intricacies, whilst exploring vocal versatility through screams and gentle melodies. Life affirming songs that shift from engulfing heaviness into contagious, melodic delicacy. The band's fierce musicianship in all fields showcases that they are pioneering a new unique take on modern alternative rock music.

Hailing from the flourishing musical city of Brighton, the band released three diverse songs under their debut EP 'Black and Blue' in 2016. After a two year hiatus caused by the departure of their original vocalist, the band returned in full force in 2019 with the ear-shattering track 'No Brainer'.

Blue Eyed Giants have also recently signed with California-based Famined Records earlier this year and has released two banging singles 'Wide Awake' and 'Radio Silence' through the label.