BENIN - Flirts With The Intensity Of Hardcore and Promotes Emotional Catharsis on the Album "Pluriverso"

Benin flirts with the aggressiveness and intensity of hardcore with emotional melodic introspection in his compositions. The brazilian group formed by Luiz Felipe Fabris (vocals and bass), Rodrigo Salgado and Fabiano Dias (guitars) and Rômulo Simões (drums), promotes its latest release, the album entitled “Pluriverso”, a project that has 10 tracks and which presents to the audience the strength and musical diversity of the band.

The album that was produced, mixed and mastered by Leo da Costa, brings influences from bands like Hot Water Music, Small Brown Bike, Samiam and Noção de Nada in their repertoire, but with the bet of a different mix between soft and heavy , giving the nature of Benin's indisputable sound identity project.

“Pluriverso” talks about what is disturbing within us, about a vast universe of feelings and emotions that, despite causing us wounds, with their deep scars, can serve as a driving force to renew us, like the cycle of winds that dumps what suffocates us and refills our lungs with air.

The band seeks with each verse and chorus, to transmit a message of encouragement, of overcoming, without appearing cliché or really mushy. Understanding that music has the cathartic function (in the Aristotelian sense) that Art and Aesthetics have. Hence the concern to disseminate the ideas of the group and seek to extract what each one has in order to overcome our problems, be it internal, external or both.

The cover art was the responsibility of the designer Thiago Alves, who translated into an image the plurality of themes that the lyrics address and the multiple meanings that they have, because the cover shows the “microcosm” that we are all, the mosaic of feelings, ideas, beliefs that shape us and, of course, seeks to make it clear that we are all kings in our own universe.

Check it out "Pluriverso":