WHEN WAVES COLLIDE - Release A New Video For "The Fallen"

Antigony Records is proud to announce the video of first single called “The Fallen” from parisian When Waves Collide, available in premiere last week on LouderSound. Their guitarist Adrien Deurveilher says: "'The Fallen' is one of the first song we wrote. Actually, this track almost made it to our debut EP. We played it number of times on live shows since the beginning. You can hear in this song every member's identity since we all left our mark on it through the years until the album. For that reason, this was the obvious choice for the first song and first single of the album as it introduces the band perfectly. (Not so) fun fact, the song was originally called 'Two stories drop' because it was inspired by the fall of our guitarist's cat from his balcony. Don't worry, the cat is fine now. While thinking of the concept behind the album 'CHASM' we renamed it 'The Fallen' since it has always been a fall story".

The PRE-ORDER of their debut album “Chasm” started on February 19th and it includes a gold/black splatter vinyl and a 4 panel digipack both limited edition.

The band describes the album as the story of a civilization at the edge of collapsing. Human void or geologic fault, one falls into it all hoping for a sign. We follow their journey through the songs, falling with them, surviving cataclysms, praying for some help, interpreting the omens until we strand at the end of the path.


01. The Fallen 
02. Cataclysm 
03. Dark Matter 
04. Chimera 
05. Omen 
06. Stranding