TRAVELLER - Release New EP "Distance Calls"

Post-Metalcore band TRAVELLER released today their long-awaited new EP Distance Calls. The 7-tracks record which features the singles “Tidal Dream”, “Distance Calls” and “Akogare” can be streamed across all music platforms.

Singer Jens Böthin about the new EP said: “The road towards this release day has been rough. We are even more proud to have made it and be here today to present you this collection of seven personal stories that we’ve gathered over the course of our journey as a band. Loss, wanderlust, self-doubt and longing are just some of the motives that we went along with and built a musical home for. We’d like to thank anyone that accompanies us so far and we are full of anticipation to what’s yet to come for us.”

TRAVELLER, gives the answer to the question of how a modern mixture of Metalcore and Melodic Hardcore would sound like. Atmospheric, deep, heavy and an emotional explosion.

After the release of their singles “Akogare” and “These Walls” the band positioned themselves as the up-and-coming Post-Metalcore-Act from Germany, being one of the most promising newcomers in the scene. Heavy breakdowns and catchy singalongs paired with heart hitting lyrics and stories that life has written.

About the title-track ‘Distance Calls’, guitarist Jens Pieper said:

“The song depicts something that every single human being has experienced. Distance Calls is about living in the moment and creating life-long memories. If you're taking a look at old photos of you, your family or your friends you experience some kind of nostalgic feelings. Right in the moment when that picture was taken, nobody had in mind that this moment will be just a memory someday, that you enjoy thinking back to but will never feel the same again.”

“People nowadays forgot how to live in the ‘here and now’ because they focus way more on taking the perfect picture, finding the right spot, spending too much time on figuring out how to capture this moment. Soon they will find out that no picture or video can ever capture that moment like your own eyes. Even if the best picture possible was taken, it can never express the same emotions, the same story or the same personal value. We decided to take that topic and connect it with what Traveller is about: the journey is the reward.”
1. Distance Calls
2. Heavenly River
3. Tidal Dream
4. These Walls
5. Akogare
6. Depth
7. On Running Ground

Stream it now on: