SILVER CAVE - Stream New EP "See You Later"

The vision for Silver Cave was simple, much like its founder, Guitarist/Vocalist Trent Rowland. It was: To bring a dimension of melody and songwriting unrepresented in hard rock and heavy metal. To bring a new level of emotion into heavy music. It’s a vision met in Silver Cave’s debut EP "Clock", tackling topics such as gun violence, intellectual hubris, and the final thoughts of a dying patriarch. That release was born in Los Angeles, but now, Silver Cave looks to restart their journey in Ohio, the home state of Rowland. This endeavor began with previous singles “Racing Down Rosedale” and “Skullbash.” It continues with a new body of work: "See You Later" released on January 29th, 2021. 

Very much a companion to "Clock", the "See You Later" EP deals heavily in the universal emotions that come with loneliness and loss. Silver Cave is thrilled to share the next step of their journey and they hope you will follow them as they make it.

Below you can stream the whole EP "See You Later".

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1. Racing Down Rosedale
2. Skullbash
3. Days
4. See You Later