SEEK HARBOUR - Release Alternative Version Of Their Single "Ghost and Shadow"

UK Melodic Hardcore outfit, SEEK HARBOUR have released an alternative version of their single "Ghost and Shadow".

This alternative version of 2020’s ‘Ghost and Shadow’ showcases the band in a more sensitive setting, and provides the perfect foundation for singer Edwin Hall’s vocals to take centre stage. The band recently joined Saviour Management, and have since landed coverage with the likes of BBC, Moshville Times, Karma Radio, Hardbeat, Dreambound, Music Matters, Uber Rock, Idioteq, and Local Distortion. The band are yet to play a show, and in a pandemic where the productivity of many bands has been stifled, Seek Harbour are a band that continue pushing from strength to strength. With a busy 2021 scheduled, the band promise plenty of new music and will be touring across the UK too.

Speaking about ‘Ghost and Shadow’ guitarist and songwriter CJ says:

“ The reaction to the bands debut single in 2019 (Ghost & Shadow) was one of trepidancy. Was this prototype going to warrant further efforts? A year later, and the evidence is there for all to see that we have a lot more to achieve in 2021 than we could possibly have ever imagined pre-debut. This ‘re-imagined’ version of our first release is not only a ‘tip of the hat’ to where it all began, but an insight into the Seek Harbour writing process...Not only are a lot of tracks ‘born’ on piano, but it’s also an example of how we like to deal with very specific (internal/personal) situations lyrically-but present them in a more accessible fashion. In this instance: The struggles of being estranged from family, when you very much wish that wasn’t the case. The current pandemic has restricted us to not only producing and recording the track internally, but also shooting the video locally, of ourselves-by ourselves. A fitting tribute to the talents within the camp from day one.”

Seek Harbour are a melodic hardcore band from Kent, UK. The band have already surpassed 65,000 streams on Spotify alone, despite only having released three tracks to date. With an EP planned for 2021, the band are showing no signs of slowing down. The band are growing quickly and resonating with fans of bands such as Being As An Ocean, Casey and Acres.