REGROWN - Share That ‘70s Show Inspired Video For New Single “Cuffed”

Today, New Jersey quartet Regrown shared their new single “Cuffed” alongside the announcement that their debut EP, Closed Casket Material, is due out June 18th on Unbeaten Records. “Cuffed” is the perfect showing of the band’s brand of pop-punk with emo sensibilities and infectious dual vocals. Lyrically, the track is centered around coming to terms with who you are, flaws and all. The video for the song, which premiered on The Noise, is a hysterical spoof of That ‘70s Show, taking the band from the inner circle straight into Pandora's box. You can stream “Cuffed” here now and watch the video below.

Speaking on the track, the band stated:

“This is a song about accepting your flaws but not letting them define you, this is a song about losing touch with someone, this is a song about losing touch with yourself too. Our only hope is that the listener can feel or at least understand how we felt when they listen to it and take the lessons and apply them to their own life.”

New Jersey has always been known as a place where emotional music thrives and now there is another band carrying on that legacy, Regrown. The latest signing to Unbeaten Records, the band combines emo and pop-punk with the energetic presence of a hardcore band. Formed in 2017, the four-piece is made up of dual guitarists/vocalists Ben Greenblatt (they/them) and Kyle Lloyd (he/him), bassist Chris Panto (he/him), and drummer Nick Gelone (he/him). Two years in the making, Regrown is gearing up to release their debut EP, Closed Casket Material this Spring. The six songs across the EP hone in on the anxieties of growing up, and growing into who you are as a person. With vehement honesty and infectious hooks, Regrown is here to be the soundtrack to your next breakdown, break-up, or late-night drive.

Closed Casket Material is available for pre-order now through Unbeaten Records.

Closed Casket Material Tracklist:

1. Low Point 
2. Closed Casket Material 
3. Cuffed 
4. Chuck Coleman 
5. Silence 
6. Deep End