PURGATORY - Release New Track "Loyalty Denied" from Upcoming Album 'Lawless To Grave'

Midwest hardcore band, Purgatory, debuted the second single “Loyalty Denied” today, taken from their upcoming sophomore album Lawless To Grave that is due out April 9th via Unbeaten Records. The new track, about personal betrayal, captures the band's expert ability at creating something that sounds like it's from a classic era of metal and hardcore all while putting their own spin on it. Mixing hard as nails riffing with gruff melodic tendencies, Purgatory is on track to top their widely lauded debut, Cold Side of Reality, with a steady release of new singles including the album opener “Stack ‘Em Up” and “No One Gets Out Alive”. 

Their latest, “Loyalty Denied” is available to stream here and Lawless To Grave is available for pre-order here.

Speaking on the track, vocalist Matt Anderson says: "You have people who you think love you but they just use your personal struggles for their amusement and gain as well as belittling everyone else around them when at the end of the day they’re the weakest people on the planet."

1. Stack 'Em Up
2. Grave Of Sorrow
3. JCA
4. Can't Stop Our Reign
5. No One Gets Out Alive
6. Chains of Wicked Men
7. Disease
8. Clarity
9. Loyalty Denied
10. Thorn Of Life
11. Lawless To Grave