PRESS TO MECO - Release Single "Smouldering Sticks"

After a week of teasing their fans on social media, Croydon/Crawley three-piece Press to MECO release their next single "Smouldering Sticks" ahead of their third album "Transmute" out June 11th. The track follows the announcement of the album and release of opening track "Another Day". Focused around a prominent yet fuzzy bass line, "Smouldering Sticks" is a gritty track that attacks the inabilities we have as humans to notice the things that may cause us physical/mental harm. Full of noise but cleverly stripped back, "Smouldering Sticks" is punchy with a visceral feeling that transcends throughout the album; a captivating track that sticks in the mind for duration and beyond. Listen to the new track below! 

Talking about the track, Drummer/Lyricist Lewis Williams comments: “'Smouldering Sticks' is about the inability to stay away from things we know are bad for us. Whether it’s drugs, relationships or thought patterns, sometimes we’re our own worst enemy in repeating the same mistakes over and over again”.

"Transmute" is a turning point for the re-complete trio, it sees the band streamline their earlier math-rock influences and “musical trickery” and deliver a stronger vibe and definitive feeling with every track. The outcome is an album that shows maturity and focuses on their particular strength in anthemic alt-rock. It’s a dynamic record where the heavy moments are brutal, the quiet aspects are beautiful, and the cinematic flourishes make the whole thing feel epic.

"Transmute" Tracklisting:

1. Transmute 
2. Another Day 
3. Smouldering Sticks 
4. A Test Of Our Resolve 
5. Baby Steps 
6. Sabotage 
7. Overdue 
8. Lead 
9. Rusty Nails 
10. Gold 
11. Interlude 
12. Way To Know 
13. Hesitation