OUROBORIC - Release Lyric Video For "Dr3g-$tar"

Alternative Metallers Ouroboric are now releasing the lyric video Dr3g-$tar from their recently self-released DeAd​-​BoY: Zero. Singer Crowley explains the meaning of the song with: "Dr3g-$tar is a cure for gate keepers. The silver bullet for elitism. And an Armageddon of the scene as we know it. It’s hard to look down when we’re all at the same height. No need for backstage passes we’ll meet you at the bar."

Song and album are recorded and Produced by Ian Miller at Melville Recording Studio. The artwork is from Silver Seraphim Design.

Formed in early 2014, Ouroboric are a 5 piece Alternative Metal Band hailing from Adelaide, South Australia. The band prefer to think of their sound as an Audio Rorschach Test. Ignoring genre and cliché the band attempts to paint a portrait of the human psyche through their evolving sound. Capturing everything from a whisper to a scream and every sound that’s in between…


1. Rave on (To Become Content) 
2. Da Monay: Patron $aint of Ca$h 
3. Dr3g-$tar 
4. Electric Pantomime 
5. Lonely Pornography 
6. Skin of Grief 
7. Darker by 6.6.6. Degrees 
8. Skyfalldown… 
9. The Lord of Perversion and The Angles of Withering 
10. Don Quixote vs The Windmill 
11. DeAd-BoY: Zero