OUR LAST ENEMY - Release Crushing New Single 'Long Time Coming', Announce New EP 'As Above, So Below'

Sydney-based Industrial Metal Heavyweights Our Last Enemy have just released their Powerfully Dynamic new single ‘Long Time Coming’ via Octane Records taken from their upcoming EP ‘As Above, So Below' due for release on May 14th, 2021. 'Long Time Coming' is a brooding melodic tale showcasing a more sophisticated side of Our Last Enemy with sonically diverse layers underpinned by the band's signature merciless soundscape.

This fearless track introduces itself with a moody guitar-picked passage saturated in a healthy amount of delay and reverb to get under the listener’s skin. The verses offer tense rising pulses of synths incorporated with crushing distorted guitars bolstering Oliver Fogwell’s powerful vocals reminiscent of Trent Reznor. 'Long Time Coming' interweaves an infectiously catchy and upbeat chorus with dark and moody elements of industrial metal and goth rock to create this high-impact audible manifesto. This single showcases a band that are stepping out of the shadows by delivering a song that is refined and introspective with commendable dynamic sensibilities.

Bassist Matt Heywood explains 'Musically, it's a coming of age, lyrically it's more personal than ever. Commenting on our internal struggles and personal confrontations with love, loss, the looming inevitable, and what should have happened long ago.’

Vocalist Oliver Fogwell on the new single ‘The song title ironically relates to the struggles and setbacks we've had while making this new record (certainly a theme throughout this recording) as well about having some self-accountability for one's actions and how they move on from those, a call for some rational thought in order to heal’

Guitarist Wade Norris on Long Time Coming ‘The struggles of self-belief in a world that froths at the mouth for an opportunity to tear someone down.’

Following a successful release of their debut album 'Fallen Empires' which reached #1 on the iTunes Metal charts, Our Last Enemy have shared stages with Static X, Dope, Combichrist, Perturbator, Prong, Mnemic, Soil, Pain, Hanzel Und Gretyl and Fozzy, as well as having their music remixed by various artists including Divine Heresy, Mortiis, Dope, and The Berzerker, the band has irrefutably made their mark on the international scene. With their recent signing to Octane Records, this is Our Last Enemy thriving in their prime: mature, sophisticated, and deliberate.

'As Above, So Below' is Out May 14th via Octane Records

1. A Thousand Visions
2. Never Coming Back
3. Long Time Coming
4. The Holy Ones
5. Decline Atrophy