NINTH SPHERE - (Ex-The Browning, SRLSM) Release First Single from Upcoming Debut Album 'Oversoul', Artwork, Video

Dallas, Texas-based Symphonic Metal band Ninth Sphere (featuring former members of The Browning, Motograter, and SRLSM) have released "The Red Crown", the first single from their upcoming debut studio album 'Oversoul'; due in the spring of 2021. A video visualizer for "The Red Crown" can be found below!

‘Oversoul’ boasts 9 tracks and was mixed and mastered in London by former Sikth vocalist, Justin Hill, who has worked with artists such as Betraying the Martyrs, Hacktivist, and Heart of a Coward. Guitars, vocals, and electronics were recorded by Brian Cravey with the drums being produced at Empire Sound Studio with producer Alex Gerst.

Ninth Sphere has unveiled album details, a tracklist, and artwork for the album created by acclaimed tattooist and fine artist, Nick Baxter.

A video of Baxter creating the stunning 24x24 oil painting can be viewed here:

Ninth Sphere is the brainchild of Brian Cravey, former guitarist for The Browning and Srlsm. Cravey has taken up vocal duties in Ninth Sphere, as well as handling guitar and electronics.

Cravey states, ""The Red Crown" was the first song I ever tracked vocals for that I felt driven to have produced and released for consumption. It really gave me (and the band) the confidence to go forward with myself as vocalist. That said, this album really would not have happened without Justin Hill. He went out of his way to give me invaluable advice and wisdom, remotely at that. He is an open book and an amazing human. He’s really as much a part of the band as any of us. He delivered the perfect sound for this album and made every bit of the journey worth it. Having Alex Gerst producing the drums really just put it over the top. We are lucky to work with such amazing pros who know exactly what to do with what we give them.”

Rounding out the project is Travis Hampe (ex-Srlsm) on bass guitar and Noah “Shark” Robertson (ex-The Browning, ex-Srlsm) on drums. Cravey and Robertson performed together on The Browning’s debut Burn this World album, released by Earache Records.

Oversoul Tracklist:

1. The Red Crown 
2. Taken Home 
3. Volition 
4. Midhaven 
5. Into the Sun 
6. Oversoul 
7. The Red Crown (Cinematic) 
8. Taken Home (Cinematic) 
9. Singularity (Cinematic)