NervoChaos - Announces Its "Studio Session Streaming"

One of the biggest names in Brazilian metal, NervoChaos, announces its ‘Studio Session Streaming’. The event will take place on Saturday, March 13, at 9pm (Brazilian time). There will be 32 minutes of presentation, recorded earlier this year with the new formation of the band that includes Brian Stone (vocals), Luiz 'Quinho' Parisi (guitar), Woesley Johan (guitar), Pedro Lemes (bass) and Edu Lane (drums).

The ‘Studio Session Streaming’ will be shown on the band’s official channels on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

NervoChaos celebrates 25 years of career in 2021 and to celebrate, the band is programming a series of news that will be announced soon. Different from all the bands on the Brazilian scene, Nervochaos was born in the spring of 1996, with the idea of creating extreme, aggressive and chaotic music from the old guard.

The band has earned a cult status in the extreme music scene due to their hard work over the years, delivering a sonic extravaganza in their own unique way. With eight studio albums, constant world tours and a great history, surrounded by fans, Nervochaos is in a new stage, with a new line-up, where they are recording the new studio album that will be released in 2021.