NEONFLY - Present New Single Video "The Future, Tonight" (Feat. Björn "Speed" Strid of SOILWORK)

Metal outfit, Neonfly have released a new single and music video "The Future, Tonight" (feat. Björn "Speed" Strid of Soilwork).

The band commented:

"The Future, Tonight" is a deeply powerful piece of music with a compelling message, dealing with the serious issues of mental health, depression, and addiction - Issues Neonfly​ cares deeply about.

"The Future, Tonight", a deeply powerful piece of music, will be out on 18. June via Noble Demon and is now available for pre-order here:

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Björn Strid has nothing but praise for the band:

"I really enjoyed recording vocals for this song. Great players with tons of hooks and melancholic melodies. The song has some pretty unexpected turns as well and is just as epic as it rocks". 

Frederick Thunder comments:

"In the video we wanted to show this metaphorically by having the 4 band members blindfolded and tied to chairs in front of an interrogator who is abusing them psychologically and threatening them with physical violence" the band explains and continues: The interrogator represents mental health and depression issues, while the band members struggling and trying to stand up to him, represent the inner struggle that people have against those demons. In the video, we wanted to include this as part of a wider narrative, shot cinematically like a short movie. Towards the end of the video, there is a plot twist, as we see the interrogator blindfolded sitting on a chair on his own, and replaying the previous sequence entirely on his own, implying that he’d been the one sitting alone all this time struggling with his inner demons."