LOST AT SEA - New Single "The Albatross" Is An Ode To Survivor's Guilt

Dallas-based emo/post-hardcore trio Lost At Sea will be releasing their debut album Motion Sickness on April 30th via Revival Recordings (Alesana, Famous Last Words). The music video for "The Albatross" is out today, the third single from the upcoming record.

"The Albatross" is based on a book called The Raw Shark Texts by Steven Hall. A wild sci-fi adventure about a conceptual shark that feeds on memories.

At its heart, it’s a story about a person battling survivor’s guilt in the aftermath of his partner’s death. His guilt was so strong he lost all memory of her, eventually regaining it over the course of the story.

"I found comfort in the book while experiencing my own grief and wanted to try and tell that story in a relatable way," says vocalist/guitarist Aaron Gonzalez.

In the music video for "The Albatross," we follow a similar journey for the main character. Throughout, he’s searching for something. He’s wandering an empty house trying to make sense of a feeling that something is missing. Gradually, he starts to remember the person he's missing and at the end of the video he’s finally able to join her again. For the production of the album Motion Sickness, Lost At Sea teamed up with Ace Enders (The Early November) and Nik Bruzzese (Man Overboard) at The Lumberyard in NJ.

"Ace & Nik pushed us to grow in so many ways," says Gonzalez. "Before tracking anything, we broke down every song to its basic elements, found the heart of each song and built them back up as strong as they could be. We even ended up writing a good portion of the songs in the studio."

Motion Sickness represents a chaotic period in the band members' lives, the uncertain time between finishing school and attempting to figure out the rest of your future. That time of feeling without direction or "lost at sea" ultimately influenced the group's name change from "Corusco" as well.

"We were all moving to a new city after spending a little too long living in a college town," says Gonzalez who jokingly refers to the band's genere as 'post-grad'. "We were feeling left behind while our friends and the rest of the world moved on and appeared to know what they were doing. It’s difficult and I feel like while so many people go through this, we don’t really talk about it. "

Pre-orders for Motion Sickness are available here.