KRAVE - Release Their Compelling New Single 'Walk of Atonement'

Brisbane Alt-Metal Trio, KRAVE have just dropped their compelling new single 'Walk of Atonement' from their upcoming debut EP 'Self Exposure'. 'Walk of Atonement' demonstrates a band that is confident in their signature sound with irresistible grooves, tastefully curated riffs, and Siana Davis's powerhouse Halestorm-esque vocals packed full of raw emotion guaranteed to get under your skin. 

This fearless track introduces itself with powerful crash chords complemented by a searing lead reminiscent of old school metal and fierce vocals evoking pure drama and intensity. The chorus is a perfect antidote with fluid melodic leads, groovy drum & bass patterns bolstering Davis's hook-laden vocals which showcase her impressive range. This dynamic soundscape seamlessly leads to the crescendo of driving riff-laden passages featuring pinch harmonics and a crushing solo similar to Melodic Metal Heavyweights Trivium.

Davis on the new single: "I engaged into a provocative and metaphorical lyric process for 'Walk Of Atonement'. A particular Game Of Thrones episode inspired my writing process when one of the characters was forced to take a "walk of atonement". I was influenced by this concept and wrote an autobiographical version relating to my shame, loneliness, and invisibility in the world. This feeling of being 'undone' in the song was derived from the scenario when feelings and thoughts overflow out and can no longer be bottled up. The instrumentation is very melodic and has a sense of rising and falling with angry guitars, big drums, and harmony.

Krave were lucky enough to record 'Walk Of Atonement' at Airlock Studios located in the beautiful woodlands of Samford Valley. The whole band was in their element as we recorded this song, lots of excited looks around the studio and plenty of fun layering harmony after harmony. It was a great experience, and the outcome of the recording was really tight. Big team vibes! Fans can definitely expect a feast of melodic riffs, juicy solos, and powerhouse vocal presentation that will chew you up and spit you back out craving more and more"

Incorporating influences such as CKY, Tool & Pantera KRAVE offers a tasteful & dynamic cross-section of modern rock & alternative metal sure to leave you in a state of bone buzzing adrenaline with driving riffs, exceptional vocal power, and energetic stage presence. With 'Walk of Atonement' and the release of their upcoming debut EP 'Self Exposure' KRAVE are showing absolutely no signs of slowing down in 2021!