JIMMY PINO - Ex-Drummer Of SIGNS OF THE SWARM Release Drum Playthrough Video For "Embedded In Fear (2.0 Slam)"

Jimmy Pino, ex-drummer of deathcore outfit, SIGNS OF THE SWARM has released a drum playthrough video for their song "Embedded In Fear (2.0 Slam)".

He commented:

"You guys wanted it and now it’s finally here!

I’ve wanted to do a playthrough of this song for a while now since its such an underrated song by SOTS and we never played it live. (I AM NO LONGER A MEMBER OF SOTS)

I wanted to spice up the drums a bit too and make them more fun since these drums were done only on MIDI and also back in 2017.

I also wanted to relive the SOTS era from back when Cj and I were both in the band together! Those were my favorite times and I had so much fun. Be sure to look out for some announcements soon from him and I! We both have some cool stuff in the works together!"